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Free Tuition Degrees at Islamic Online University (IOU)

May 18, 2017, 12:20 PM

The IOU provides global access to quality undergraduate, graduate and postgraduate level education programs for students at virtually no cost.

 Its mission is to “Change the Muslim nation and the world situation through appropriate education’’.


The Islamic Online University provides a golden opportunity to access quality undergraduate, graduate and postgraduate level courses.


The IOU demonstrates its continuous commitment to the spreading of the beneficial knowledge by progressing from an absolutely free certificate and diploma level courses to tuition free accredited bachelor’s degrees in various fields of study and master’s degree.


Students can study at the Islamic Online University regardless of his or her religious, ethnic or social background. It has already spawned a global community of over 180,000 students who seek Islamic knowledge from over 224 countries.

Quality and Application

The Islamic Online University is committed to providing a top quality online academic experience, suitable in its scope and depth to convey the authentic and practical Islamic knowledge, while at the same time enabling its students to face the contemporary challenges of the 21st century by offering other fields of study such as psychology, education, business or finance.

Get a degree at virtually no cost from the Islamic Online University at the comfort of your offices or homes, the path of tuition-free, authentic and higher education.

Registration is open year round though we advise you to register right away. You will be enrolled into the current semester if the enrollment deadline has not passed.  You will be enrolled in the following semester should you miss the deadline.

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The semester starts at fixed periods every year

Spring Semester

Semester Starts- First week of March

Enrollment Ends- Last day of March

Semester Ends- End of July

Fall Semester

Semester Starts - First week of September

Enrollment Ends- Last day of September

Semester Ends - End of January

Contact Islamic Online University (Gambia)

On Tel: +220-4379687 / +2203214700 or Visit

21 Kanifing Mosque Road,

P.O. Box 2340,

Kanifing South, KMC,

The Gambia.

Website: www. iou.edu.gm