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Francis DeGaulle Foundation Steps Ahead

May 27, 2009, 9:48 AM

Foundations are often set up to help the needy of society. Francis DeGaulle Njie Foundation is set up to help those who excel in Science and other areas of school life. The foundation is certainly fulfilling the desires of the Late Francis DeGaulle Njie who had excelled in the Sciences after his ''Levels at the Gambia High School. He had scored successes in Science in one of America's top universities and working in one of the best working places in Science in USA. The Foundation gathered recently at their AGM to discuss the way forward and be able to expand, helping very good students of The Gambia, thus expanding to all parts of the country with the help of you.

The Foundation gathered members and well wishers at the Gambia Christian Council on MDI Road discussing their finances and how they stand so far. Talking about their membership, Julius Freeman, said they wanted to correct certain things by collecting a membership card to friends and relatives and those who care to help the needy in society, by filling the forms out. "We have the UK branch arm of the foundation but we are a bit ahead of them though they are really trying their best. We would have to suggest how much they would contribute.

During the election of new officials, it was suggested by the Foundation's Legal Adviser that the out going executive had only served one term and it was spent in organizing the affairs of the Foundation to let it stand out. She therefore suggested that they continue in their office and it was unanimously agreed upon. But Dr. Momodou Jasseh declined and asked for another to take his place. Michelle, who was praised for her hard work was unanimously elected in the position.

In her acceptance speech she talked about the award of scholarships. "We want to expand. We know the challenge is from the secondary level," she said. Further saying that it is hoped that it would the foundation would be expanded to the UK and USA. She appealed and said that the whole year's fee is only between the ranges of 3 to 4, 000 Dalasis. "A lot is needed for the selection of candidates.

Alaba Thomas said three years ago when she was toiling with the idea of selecting people to the Board of trustees, she was convinced that the 9 Board members and three advisers selected were the right people. "I was sure that they would be able to establish the Foundation and take it off the ground on a right footing, and my decision was right." she said. She continued to say that they have been dedicated with so much professionalism and empathy for her. "I am impressed and indebted to you all," she said. The high level of ownership of the Foundation coupled with professionalism, she said has led to the success of the Francis DeGaulle Njie Foundation within a short period of time.

"You can boast of setting the stage in proving to the nation that we can raise funds locally and do positive things to help our people without depending on outside help. Every butut that the Foundation has raised for its programme were raised locally. You have contributed to the Obama Concept of Yes, we can," she said.

Alaba Thomas showed how gratified she was as says; "I am so comforted. Let me reveal that it is your support to the Foundation that has made my grieving for my son lighter. You have kept me going since the passing of DeGaulle into eternity. I am grateful to you for making my life bearable and worth living once again," she said.

The Foundation she said is a huge part of DeGaulle's legacy. She said she is comforted that her dreams to make the name Francis DeGaulle Njie a house hold name was gradually being transformed into reality.

She thanked the members of the education committee for playing their part so impressively in creating awareness and support to individuals and families affected by Cancer. "I want to appeal to all to kindly continue to support the Foundation and continue to contribute in making our beloved Gambia a better place for our children and their children to live in. I have a strong belief that DeGaulle is up there smiling and echoing my gratitude and thanks to you all. Again, DeGaulle's aims cannot be complete until the aims of the Foundation are achieved. I applaud your support to humanity," she said.

Francis DeGaulle Njie was born on 27th November 1970, in Banjul, The Gambia. He was educated at the Ola Ndow's Kindergarten, Saint Joseph's Prep School, Sukuta Primary, St. Augustine's High School and Gambia High School, where he was always top of his class in every academic discipline. His tenacity in studies earned his numerous accolades and awards during his educational career. He was the first Gambian to score distinction in all his subjects in 1988 in eight subjects. In 1990 he received acceptance in one of the top universities in the United States, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MTI).

There he excelled among the best of the best students in the world and continued his hard work and pursuit of excellence. He graduated with a BSc. in Electrical Science and Engineering. He has worked in several very important institutions in USA and other areas.

The foundation aims to provide support for the schools in the areas of Science, provide help for schools in Science and Technology, provide a scheme for rewarding outstanding students of great distinction, to provide advice and support for entrance into University in The Gambia and overseas; the list goes on and on.

The categories of membership include Institutional Membership, Affiliate Membership and Individual Membership.

Interested persons were asked to check this website: (www.fdnf.gm) or send an email to: (info@fdnf.gm). Members present took membership forms to be given to their friends and interested members.

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