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Forest intruders convicted

Aug 10, 2010, 12:29 PM | Article By: Yai DIbba

Two brothers, Ebou Joof and Amadou Joof, were recently convicted and sentenced to a fine of D1, 000 and D1, 500 respectively in default to serve one year's imprisonment for the offence of illegal possession of firearms and ammunition inside a forest park by the district tribunal in Essau, North Bank Region. 

The brothers were dragged to court by Lamin Sanyang, the manager of Numi National Park, after being found inside the park and in possession of a gun and eight bullets.

In delivering his judgment, Chief Fabakary Nana Sonko, said when the matter was mentioned the 1st accused person pleaded guilty, but the 2nd accused person vehemently denied the charges, warranting the court to proceed to hearing the matter.

He said the complainant, Lamin Sanyang, called three witnesses who all testified that they found the two accused persons inside the park and in possession of a gun and eight bullets.

And that when asked as what they were doing in the park with a gun and bullets, they maintained that they were on a fishing outing.

He said the 2nd accused person opened his defense, but did not call any witness.

Chief Sonko noted that the 2nd accused himself stated in his testimony that the three witnesses together with the complainant found him in possession of a gun in the park, but he was not there for hunting.

According to Chief Fabakary Nana Sonko, it is a surprise for someone to go with a gun and bullets into a park for fishing.

Noting that fishermen use fishing nets for fishing, but not guns in parks, he said according to the law guns are not allowed in the parks.

"To my knowledge and understanding, going into a park with a gun is for hunting and not for fishing, and these accused persons broke the law and are found guilty of the charges," Chief Fabakary Nana Sonko declared.