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FOREID set for inaugural forum

Jul 6, 2017, 1:01 PM | Article By: Rose Zahra Gomez

Forum for Exchange of Ideas for Development (FOREID), a newly-established organisation out to complement the effort for good governance through the culture of dialogue in The Gambia, yesterday held a press conference, at the Gambia Press Union on their incoming inaugural forum.

Speaking at the conference, Hon. Madi Ceesay said FOREID was created to serve the whole nation, noting that the aim and objective was to complement national development by organising forum where ideas would be exchanged to meet the demand of all.

He said the organisation is independent, voluntary, non-partisan, non-discriminatory and non-profitable.

He said FOREID have diverse members of expertise that would speak on diverse issues of national and international interest that would help to raise awareness about the importance of dialogue for national development.

The organization would also provide the government and other stakeholders with authoritative views on issues concerning them.

For his part, Katim S. Touray, said the organisation was timely to bridge the gap that was created during 22 years of dictatorship to good and democratic governance.

He disclosed that after few months of setting up the organization, they invited Prof. Abdoulaye Saine from the department political science, Miami University in USA, to lecture on transition from dictatorship to good governance.

Prof. Saine is a well-known Gambian academic who has written, edited and contributed to many books about African politics.

He added that the lecture is expected to bring together government officials, civil society organizations, the private sector, religious leaders, media organizations, youths, university students, women’s groups and international development partners to discuss on the way forward for The Gambia and transitioning of The Gambia to democratic rule and good governance.