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Food For Survival

Nov 18, 2009, 12:22 PM

We are equally concerned when the FAO boss said that he is totally frustrated over the failure by the World Summit on Food Security for complete eradication of world hunger, referring to the UN Millennium Development Goal deadline of 2015.

Mr. Diouf criticised the declaration, stressing for "urgent action" to boost food security - for not including exact targets to reduce hunger.

Not only will Mr. Joof alone will be disappointed but equally if not more people around the world who are desperately yearning for enough food on their table. The poor and the needy, displaced and the marginalised must have been saddened with this news.

Aid agency Oxfam also condemned the statement as "un-costed, unfunded and unaccountable".

The UN estimates that more than one billion people worldwide are going hungry. It warns that if more land is not used for food production, 370 million people could face famine by 2050.

The summit's final declaration was issued on the first day of the three-day meeting.

 Mr. Diouf, the Head of the UN Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO), said he was not in the room when negotiators finalised the statement, saying "I thought it made sense to set that target, and I thought we would be discussing whether it should be in four years or five years or so on, not that we would be eliminating any target date in the declaration."

But for us here in The Gambia, all hands are on deck in the fight against the menace, especially the women folk who often till vast area of land in combating hunger. And with the support of men we would surely eradicate hunger in our country.

 Not only did the support failed to make a deadline in eradicating hunger, but the summit also rejected the UN's call to commit $44bn (£26bn) annually for agricultural development in developing nations, and thus some described the summit as a "massive wasted opportunity".

 But we are also disappointed over the failure by leaders of the world?s richest nations for not attending the summit.

"Hunger is the best sauce in the world".

Miguel de Cervantes