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Following our yesterday's editorial, Senegalese High Commission Set It Right

Sep 24, 2009, 5:03 AM

The Senegalese High Commission in The Gambia has reacted to our yesterday's editorial entitled: Wade Should have a Rethink, where it was stated that President Wade's decision to run for a third term in 2012 is contrary to Senegalese Constitution as it allows only two terms for a President.

In a bid to clarify the issue, the High Commission sent a rejoinder to the Point stating that "the alleged non-conformity of the above mentioned decision of President Wade is an error as in the light of the 2001 referendum, Revised Constitution, President Wade is now at his first term of office".

"In other words and in accordance with the principles of non-retroactivity of laws, the 2000-2007 term is not taken into consideration by this revision," it stated.

"Hence, in 2012, the President will run for a 2nd term and not a third term as reported in your paper," it stated.

Editor's Note

Our yesterday's editorial was a commentary on the report we got from Africa news.com, Orange-info.sn, etc.

However, the High Commissioner's clarification is well noted