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‘Five Star General’ or ‘The Rap Justice’ Sir X

Aug 8, 2014, 10:36 AM | Article By: Njie Baldeh

Sir X’s love for hip-hop is unquestionable that most people often obsessively regard him as the ‘Five Star General’ or ‘The Rap Justice’.

Born Batch Samba Ngum and widely known by his moniker ‘Sir X’ or simply ‘X’, grew up in the cosmopolitan town of Bundung in the heart of Serekunda.

Growing up he sees himself as a humble ‘talibe’(student) of life and a hip-hop lover. He fell in love with the art of rapping when he was in his seventh grade and in a couple of years later, the passion compelled him to start rocking free shows with freestyle flows and demos recorded on tape cassettes.

In 2005 he recorded his solo single at Bull Doff Records titled “Warrior’s Breath”, which served as the beginning of his game as an emcee with a cause.

Since then he has been working on different projects both locally and internationally.

In 2009 he released a video titled ‘Childhood Memories’, which was premiered on the national television.

Prior to his solo single, the five-star general is known to be among the Bundung-based underground rap group called “Nubian Soljaz” and his long-time friend Big Ams of Fippu Squad.

During those most active days of Nubian Soljaz, they recorded hot singles like “Hot Deal” followed by another single titled “Trust” which earned them street credibility and respect in the hip-hop circle.

In 2005 they signed a record deal with Paradigm Records. This deal came to light when an A&R in the states watched ‘Nubian Soljaz’ perform on Hamalegi’s show recorded on DVD.

The deal helped them to direct joint efforts towards gainful ventures in their rebellious age.

Over the years Sir X has excelled on building good working relationship with both local and international well-known artistes like Res K P, Allien Zik, Cannabass, Mame Bala to name but a few.

He has also performed in many festivals in Senegal and has participated in different projects like the DK-BJL compilation, Nun Ak Yen compilation (Senegal) Dream Your Future Drama soundtrack/album, Buga Dem (anti-illegal migration campaign) Jambarr (Scorpion U-17) and also widely featured on various Gambian artistes songs/projects most evidently with Poetic X, Hot B, Omid Wisdom, Killa Ace, Maaw Gee, Smoke Doctah, Baba Blood, Grandiz Kroo among host of others.

In late 2012 he was awarded a scholarship at Mandingmorry Academy of Music (MAM) to undergo a twelve-month professional training to help add more feathers to his professional hat.

His artistic expressions are overwhelmingly resourceful to the growing youthful population, especially the hip-hop community craving for his efforts.

He still leans on the community-based hip-hop body known as “BC Movement” formerly “Nubian Soljaz” and ‘Hip-Hop Headz’, which comprises artistes, producers, artiste managers/event promoters, writers and fans.

The 2012 debut Mixtape entitled’ Hybrid Barz’ comprises fifteen tracks.