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Fire Consumes Media Shop

May 31, 2017, 11:24 AM | Article By: Mahamadou Camara

A conflagration has left a media shop in utter ruins along the Banjul-Westfield Road.

The Ndokaleko Media House in Dippakunda was left completely consumed by fire on Saturday with the loss of D150, 000 worth of stock.

14 high -power Canon cameras, three TVs, three DVDs, two Laptops, two Desktops, two Video Mixers, Furniture, three VCR recorders including several raw files and tapes were among the valuables destroyed in the blaze.

The devastating inferno was reported to have occurred on Saturday morning between the hours of 9-10am.

According to an eye witness, the fire emanated from a neighbouring house where the inferno was reportedly ignited by an electrical circuit.

Pa Cherno Sallah, the proprietor and owner of Ndokaleko Media House, expressed deep sorrow and grief over the unfortunate incident.

‘’I was sleeping when I received a call informing me that my next door neighbour’s house was on fire, that I should come as soon as possible because it was overlapping into my shop. Unfortunately, before I arrived the fire had consumed the entire shop,” the depressed proprietor said.

He lamented that all his valuables were destroyed by the inferno and it was what his daily livelihood depends on.

‘’I lost everything and this is where I earn my living and take care of my family and others who depend on me for survival. Besides, I employed four people who will all be affected too,” Mr Sallah added.

“Six clients who brought their cameras tapes for editing all lost their cameras to the inferno, which was a huge blow for them,” he stated.

Mr Sallah expressed gratitude to the neighbours, well wishers, his family both home and abroad as well as his fellow cameramen for their show of solidarity and sympathy.

He advised the landlords and the physical planning department to do proper surveys of structures and houses prior to erecting them to avoid similar scenarios in the future.

Matarr Jassey, a professional cameraman, said that the Ndokaleko media shop has trained several professionals in the field.

 He implored all and sundry to help ease their desperate situation.

Ndokaleko Media House is calling on the general public, individuals, parastatals and the government at large to come to their aid as they struggle to come to terms with the devastating inferno that has brought their daily engagements to a standstill.

The proprietor can be reached on 7783428 or 3947556.