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Fashion versus health

Aug 25, 2010, 12:13 PM

One may be surprised about the host of fashions you see in town nowadays, especially among the young people.

While there are so many new ways to do fashion in recent times, some have gone to an extent that could cause serious health problems for the doer.

Research conducted by the University of Buffalo in the United States has found out that the practice of tongue-piercing, which has been a major fashion style among women, risk developing gaps between their front teeth, as a result of playing with the stud.

The researchers found out that, as well as potentially requiring cosmetic work, people can develop infections and chipped teeth.

This mode of fashion, whose health impact is being researched, is now becoming a problem in our society and people, especially the young ones, should desist from the practice.

This is so, because most often people do all sort of things to beautify themselves, regardless of its health implications or whether good or bad.

Others do it just because it's in fashion without putting into consideration the health hazards related with it.

Tongue-piercing could also result in serious injuries, because not only is it associated with haemorrhages, infections, trauma, and problems to the gums and worse of it are that it causes brain abscesses.

So it is high time for women to distinguish fashion and their health, and choose which is more important to them.

While some people do the practice because of peer group influence, others often do it to copy the West. This practice must stop!

"It is not to live but to be healthy that makes a life."