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FASDEP signs MoU with SAADIA Group Ltd, others

May 27, 2016, 11:40 AM | Article By: Cherno Omar Bobb

Food and Agriculture Sector Development Project (FASDEP) on behalf of the Ministry of Agriculture on Thursday signed a Memorandum of Understanding with SAADIS Group Limited, National Enterprise Development Initiative, Department of Livestock Services, MG University, and WHYG Company.

The agreements are for the establishment of 150 Gambian youth and women in poultry farming under the FASDEP Matching Grant Scheme.

Speaking on the occasion, Kebba L. Jarju, FASDEP project director, said the signing of the MoU premised on the fact that about 60 per cent of The Gambia population is youth, majority of whom are poor and unemployed or underemployed.

He noted that this is why the youth continue to resort to illegal migration to Europe and the US by all means.

Mr Jarju said signing of the MoU will help empower youth and create opportunities for gainful employment for them and others.

He pointed out that The Gambia continues to rely on the importation of poultry and poultry products despite the great potential in the country for poultry production.

“Gambians appetite for chicken is ever increasing, leading to the rapid growth in the poultry industry; the industry is currently worth USD29 million,” he said, adding that in 2014 alone, 11,000 metric tons of poultry meat was imported to the country and it is usually higher than that when the tourism season is good.

Mr Jarju said such initiative as signing of the MoU will contribute to The Gambia government vision of reducing poultry importation by increasing domestic production.