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Farmers urged to desist from bushfires after harvesting

Oct 27, 2016, 9:46 AM

President of National Livestock Owners Association of The Gambia (NLOA) has warned against setting the bush on fire after the harvesting.

“As we get to the dry season, there is a need for people to be conscious of the numerous outbreaks of fire within community forests,” Ebrima O. Jallow said.

“The dry season is when animals suffer a lot because after harvesting some farmers usually set the bush on fire forgetting that animals depend on the bush for survival.

“We need to consider the welfare of animals by protecting the bush from any form of exploitation.”

He said the association is planning to go to specific areas in Lower River Region and Central River Region to discuss with the communities the dangers of bushfire.

Commenting on cattle rusting, he said thanks to the intervention of the Gambia police force, it is now dropping.