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Family Gambia holds 2nd graduation

Oct 2, 2013, 11:35 AM | Article By: Njie Baldeh

Family Gambia, a sister NGO of Family Liberia and Family Sierra Leone, recently held its second graduation at its school in Lamin Sanchaba opposite St. Peters High School.

The aim of Family Gambia is to help the less fortunate children, the youth (both boys and girls), as well as school dropouts.

Delivering his speech at the graduation ceremony, Patrick S. Nagbe, international coordinator for Family Gambia, thanked all those who attended the ceremony and also thanked the Almighty Allah for the completion of the first batch of English literacy and the second batch of computer literacy students that were certificated.

“It was not easy but Allah made it possible for us all,” he said, adding that he regretted that Family Gambia was unable to extend such support to the Gambia College where there are hundreds of students in need of English Literacy.

“We have over hundred applicants that register but unable to receive our service,” he added. “Notwithstanding, we hope the future will enable Family Gambia CWP to make the Islamic Department of the Gambia college and the UTG a priority for English literacy.”

The international coordinator added that Family Gambia, as a peace education entity, desires to help in this direction for the sake of peace.

The CWP caters for children, youth and dropouts in English and computer literacy for capacity building.

Simon P. Mendy of Family Gambia said CWP was formed in Liberia because of vulnerable children, youth and girls due to child abuse and negligence of children in society.

CWP also came to rescue and give a helping hand to the Gambian children and youth, he added.

According to Simon Mendy, CWP computer literacy programme started since 2011 with the first batch being successful, which included teachers from various schools in Lamin as well as children and youth, and the second batch which are to graduate today in IT and Microsoft Word, with English literacy for Arabic students and other students who want to learn English in order to improve themselves, especially in interpretation in Arabic and English and how to also deal with English learners.

Today Family Gambia students can be proud of themselves because anywhere they go they can perform because they are trained to be adequately equipped to become better persons in the future and utilize their talent.

Family Gambia has been volunteering in peace education by distributing peace leaflets to the community as well as by sensitizing through peace education.

“Our aims and objectives are to sensitize our future leaders and their tutors in child care education and peace education as well as to conduct training workshops for beneficiaries of our services,” he said.