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Famara Fofana’s book launch gets massive patronage

Nov 1, 2016, 10:44 AM | Article By: Mahamadou Camara

The much publicised book of Famara Fofana titled ‘’When My Village Was My Village’’ was officially launched on Friday with massive patronage from those who attended the ceremony held at The Gambia Tourism and Hospitality Institute (GTHI).

The author of the 44-page book seeks to depict the traditional Gambian heritage and values by recounting his story in a way that compels all to appreciate their rustic and bucolic life.

The chief launcher of the book, Nana Grey-Johnson, Dean of School of Journalism and Digital Media, University of The Gambia, said he was impressed by the author’s courage and determination to have a voice that seeks to carve a brilliant tomorrow one bends on setting its rhythm on the values of yesterday.

‘’A voice is what I read of the permanence of tradition; the voice is young and it is not afraid to try, a voice that will carve a brilliant tomorrow because it has its rhythm set on the values of yesterday,’’ Mr Grey-Johnson said.

Bisenty Gomez, the reviewer of the book, said the 44-page work depicts the values of Gambian rural life and reminds the readers of the need and importance to harness and value one’s traditional culture in their villages.

According to the reviewer, the book contains 7 chapters which are all developed around real rural life situations and how to get Gambian villages back to what they used to be, hence from where the title of the book is coined: ‘When my village was my village’.

The reviewer of the 44-page book said he was impressed by the author’s deployment of narratives and analyses of past events and occurrences to define the future, adding that he was amazed at how he also through the book reminded all Gambians of their diverse villages.

GRTS Director General Momodou Sabally, in his remarks, said he was glad to witness the book launch by his colleague, which will go a long way to developing the cultural documentation of Gambian traditions and values for posterity.

Mr Sabally praised the author, saying his work ethic and hard work is worthy of emulation.

He launched a challenge urging young Gambians to develop the culture of reading and writing their own literary works.

For his part, Famara Fofana, the author and an editor at the state TV GRTS, said he was grateful to God, his family, colleagues, sponsors and all Gambians for the love and solidarity they showed towards his maiden book launch.

Mr Fofana described himself as a proud rural Gambian village born, which inspired him to pen down the story typical of rural Gambian setting.

There is bright future and optimism in the Gambian literature with the maiden book launch of the GRTS editor, as he is already looking forward to the publication of his second book titled ’’Reflections of An African Village Boy’’.

Among the crème de la crème who graced the occasion were the Minister of Youths, Alieu K. Jammeh, Information Minister Sheriff Bojang, student colleagues and co-workers of Famara as well as his family members and friends.