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Fajara Golf Club case resumes

Dec 7, 2011, 12:51 PM | Article By: Dawda Faye

The case involving Bakary Njie, Lamin Drammeh and Lamin Tamba, caddis at the Fajara Golf Club, resumed on 30 November 2011, at the Kanifing Magistrates’ Court.

They were charged with prohibition of conduct and breach of the peace, an allegation they had denied.

The prosecution called their third witness (PW3), Jamil Jabbai, who told the court that he lives in Kololi and is a member of the organizing committee of Fajara Golf Club.

He told the court that on 12 February 2010, the President of The Gambia did sponsor a golf tournament.

Lamin Drammeh did make a press release, PW3 said, adding that being a member of the organizing committee of the Golf Club, he went to the golf course for a routine check.

He further indicated that he was told by some caddis that Lamin Drammeh had a squabble with Lady Njameh Jawara.

He narrated that by the time he arrived at the golf course, Lady Njameh Jawara and Lamin Drammeh had already gone.

He testified that he told the other caddis to tell Lamin Drammeh not to participate in the tournament because he had a row with Lady Njameh, adding that he advised the caddis to show respect to Lady Njameh.

He also said that Lamin Drammeh’s two brothers were present, whom he told to tell Lamin not to participate in the tournament to avoid problem with Lady Njameh.

He posited that the caddis told him that if Lamin was not allowed to participate, then they would boycott the tournament.

He told the court that the caddis did boycott the tournament.

Under cross-examination, Lamin asked the witness whether he saw him insulting Lady Njameh. The witness answered in the negative.

When another accused person Lamin Tamba put it to the witness that Lamin Drammeh did not insult Lady Njameh Jawara, the witness said he was told Lamin Drammeh did.

The case was at that Juncture adjourned till 19 December 2011.