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Empower women to participate in elections

Apr 4, 2017, 10:22 AM

The National Council for Civil Education (NCCE) has continued its civic education programmes of enlightening the people about their rights and obligations in nation-building.

This time around the main focus is placed on women participation in politics and elections, especially in the upcoming National Assembly elections, whose voting day is on Thursday 6 April 2017.

On Sunday NCCE concluded seminars on women participation in politics and election for the communities of Mansa Konko, Farafenni, Janjangbureh and Basse, funded by Actionaid International The Gambia.

Our womenfolk need to be empowered politically to build a politically healthy society with sound decision making sectors like the women.

With political and civic education, Gambian women could make meaningful contribution to national development, because any society or nation whose women are armed with political and civic education is bound for onward progress.

It is essential to note that the level of backwardness of a nation can be determined through the poor condition of women in that society and their level of political consciousness.

As the NCCE rightly states, one of the most basic signposts of a democracy is citizens’ participation in government.

“Participation is the key role of citizens in democracy; it is not only their right, but it is their duty,” the NCCE says.

“Citizens’ participation may take many forms, including standing for election, voting in elections, becoming informed, debating issues, attending community or civic meetings, being members of private voluntary organizations, paying taxes, and even participation to build a better democracy.”

Among other merits, the role by the citizens would help greatly in keeping the government on its toes and serve to always check them up as they steer the affairs of the nation. 

Hence if institutions like the NCCE and Actionaid are doing all it takes to “enhancing women political participation and representation” in the upcoming elections and subsequent ones, they must be commended for the invaluable initiative and support to empowering women of this country.

“Societies that empower women are less violent in every way.”
Steven Pinker