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Elite Fitness Gym organizes Children’s Celebrations Day after Koriteh

Jul 25, 2014, 10:39 AM | Article By: Njie Baldeh

It has been a Month of fasting for Muslims in The Gambia and many things have been restricted during this special Holy Month!

Adults are normally preoccupied to pay 100% attention towards their children.

However now that we are coming to the closing of the Month, it is important to show our appreciation of our children’s patience and endurance and fortitude towards their elders during this special time.

We know that Children normally love Koriteh and dress up in their best clothes and go and spend their well-earned pocket money from their parents in celebration of the Koriteh!

However, it often saddens me to see children roaming with nothing to do, nothing preplanned for them to really look forward to, which is why The Elite Fitness Gym at The Seaview Plaza (Behind Duplex Club in Senegambia) has arranged a full day of FUN FUN FUN, which will offer a structured day called the COOL POOL PARTY.

Children will be invited to play games and enter competition and win prizes. There will be music, karaoke and so much more. The price includes drinks and food for the children for the day, the organizers said, adding that the party will be supervised by staff in a well organised manner, and will offer a “safe environment for all children”.

However, they said: “We would like the children to come with a carer. This event is something which we would like to introduce on regular basis for our children in The Gambia.”

The Elite Fitness Gym has sports programmes organised for children throughout the year, which introduce children dance, taekwondo, and swimming which helps children develop their personal skills and talents and is essential for children’s growth and development.

The Centre concludes in this statement: “We look forward to seeing you and your children at THE DAY AFTER KORITEH CHILDREN CELEBRATIONS at the Elite Fitness New Children Pool area, Senegambia, and for more information please call: 931 2323 / 796 1234.”