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Elite Fitness Centre clarifies, turns down Ex-workers’ claims

Jun 18, 2013, 12:16 PM

The management of Elite Fitness and Training Centre has made some clarifications, condemning the claims and accusations made by five ex-workers of the company.

The management, accused of maltreatment to some of its workers, has denied such an accusation in all its forms.

Speaking to The Point, CEO/Managing Director of the centre, Mourad Maroun, said the claim raised by the ex-workers were “irrelevant”.

He said the management had been paying their dues to social security since the inception of the company, adding that he has evidence to proof it.

The management said there had been no salary deduction to any of the complainants; rather changes of time work.

The management further revealed that the complainant used to work eight hours a day, but due to less work during the period, the management decided to adjust the time from eight-hour to four-hour work in shift but maintained  their salaries despite the reduced hours of work.

The management, however, said the collapse of Ebrima Cham occurred in the absence of management officials but they later made a follow-up.

The management pointed out that it did all it could to improve the capacity of its workers and attached a lot of benefits, such as food allowance, to them to ease their work, and they took all workers as family members.

 All workers “receive their salaries on time” and “there was no month” a worker was not paid his salary, Mr Maroun said.

The complainants used to have extra benefits different from their pay, the manager added.

However, the five complainants quit the job without any form of consultation with the management, he said.