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Egalitarian Drops Hint On Academic Ambition

Aug 22, 2008, 8:57 AM | Article By: By Njie Baldeh

Egalitarian, who has grow into something of a household name in contemporary Gambian music, has spoken of a burning desire to improve his academic credentials, which by his reckoning would give him more musical depth to excel in the local and international music scenes.

Going back to school and acquiring higher education standards would bode well for his success as a singer, according to the rap artist who successfully worked on a release intended to coincide with the 14th Anniversary celebration of the July 22 revolution two weeks ago. He said musicians should be keen on knowledge which they could use to help chat and influence the direction society was going to take in these trying times when ignorance and lack of wisdom was causing conflicts and untold quandaries for the teeming masses of the world's population.

"My other immediate ambition is to plan press releases' to keep my fans as cheerful hostages to a combination of good lyrics and sensible sound bytes. I am on the verge of releasing something new for them in the not be patient he told this medium," he told Entertainment.

Speaking to Entertainment recently, Egalitarian said that he just returned from a concert tour that took him to Benin, Togo and Mali where his electrifying performance had endeared him to thousands of adoring young people. He was one of two musicians invited to the tour to help bring home to many the facts about child rights and their implications for not only children but also the adult world where such issues are often sadly misunderstood forgotten or neglected. Egalitarian also had positive words for the country's leader President Jammeh who he described as an unwavering pan Africanist with a corrective agenda that looks beyond his country. He expressed appreciation regarding President Jammeh's decision to invite Aura- Artist to celebrate the July 22 Revolution in the truest spirit of African brotherhood.