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Ecowas Youth Council calls for immediate intervention on trade, integration dispute between Nigeria and Ghana

Nov 7, 2016, 10:45 AM

The Economic Community of West African States Youth Council (ECOWAS-Youth Council) attention has been drawn to the most recent alleged regional trade dispute on currency impropriety amid relative to incendiary policy on business registry and the infliction of price on resident’s card to foreigners in ECOWAS regional areas.

This long existed hiccups and diplomatic uproar is currently creating a commotion which is impeding bilateral, social and economy conflict in cross-borders trade zones between the Federal Republic of Nigeria and Ghana, lending the propensity to further facilitate trade degradation, regional insurrection and undermine ECOWAS laws on access to regional trade integration among member states.

The alleged situation that has to do with the Ghanaian government compelling Nigerian businessmen to have a minimum of US $1 million each to legally do business in the country and the increased fee in non-resident card to $ 120, in addendum to huge sum requested to process the permit despite the bilateral regional trade integration amongst west African states, is a serious concern that needs to be given quickest attention by the ECOWAS Parliament, African Union (AU) and commissioned relevant authorities.

Trade ties are particularly important to the growth of every region and continent because such bonds serve as a conduit for opportunities in economy development, build access to regional markets, increases incentives for more investment flows, and permits suppliers to specialize and integrate into regional supply chains that ultimately cater to cutting-edge regional economy index.

As the two largest economies in West Africa, the relationship between Nigeria and Ghana is very crucial for our regional trade as their revenue collected and tax to ECOWAS liquidates much achievement thus giving us global recognition on improved trade and economy growth.

Article 59 (1) of the Revised Treaty constitutionalizes free movement as a fundamental objective of the Community and as a means of developing a Common Market.  It specifically enshrines the right of entry, residence and establishment in favour of Community citizens and the obligation on member states to gradually implement these rights in accordance with the relevant Protocols.

In this light, the ECOWAS Youth Council wishes to champion peace, regional trade resolution and encourage both parties to abdicate acts of bite-biting and retaliation which is not an impetus of solution to the promotion of peace and security in the sub-Saharan region.

The Youth Council also encourages member states to exhibit a therapy of anti-xenophobia measures amongst citizens so as to priorities:

•           Better and free flow of trade integration of member states which promote a sustainable and equal freeway to markets, 

•           Union interest of solidifying global agendas for the improvement and inclusion of inter-nations trade

•           Assess to investors and goods exporters within the region thus accompanying benefit from the Wide Free Trade Areas on cross-borders trading

•           The minimization of the effects on asymmetric shocks, and flagging regional monetary union which requires member countries to converge certain quantitative and qualitative benchmarks

The ECOWAS Youth Council, seen as a border base of West African youth voices wishes to syndicate legal bodies in proponent to the establishment of investigating the upheaval and decades long misunderstands between the two states.

The ECOWAS Youth Council is a cohort of professional youths that seek to solve regional and national problems in order to maintain regional peace, security and integration to the unity and progress of West African states. The council is also a catalyst of change makers that cultivate strategies of engaging stakeholders to be accountable and responsible for the prioritization of union interest.

The preposition that bonds us as ECOWAS citizens is ours ideas of initiating responsibilities of solving our own problems, prioritizing interest of union, taking responsibilities for our actions. 

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