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Ebola Update

Oct 22, 2014, 9:43 AM

Spain’s Health Ministry said the Spanish nurse who contracted the virus and admitted in Madrid hospital has recovered from the virus.Her husband said he is going to sue the Spanish government for carelessness.

Nigeria has been declared Ebola-free since Monday, yesterday. Eight people died in Nigeria from Ebola and 20 cases were examined negative.

British scorer Humming Bird to refocus Africa operation over Ebola.

EU Ministers yesterday met in Luxembourg to scale up Ebola response, and they pledged 500 million Euros.

Ebola screening has started in all Belgium airports.

DR Congo who experienced Ebola since 1976 is currently training 1000 volunteers to go to Ebola-hit countries.

Ghanaian president John Dramani Mahama, current chairman of ECOWAS, is in the UK. He said yesterday that the Ebola epidemic is very serious and a summit will be held in Accra next month.

South American leaders on Monday met in Cuba to see how best to assist Ebola-affected countries in human resources, equipment and medicines.

More updates

World Health Organisation (WHO) on Friday declared Senegal free of Ebola.

South Sudanese cabinet bans handshake amidst Ebola fears.

Texas schools closed over Ebola; the first time it had occurred in America.

China approves 38.2 million US dollars in aid to Ebola-hit countries.

China to provide 4th round of aid to West Africa.

East Africa to send 600 health workers to West Africa to combat Ebola.

AU seeks Africa-wide support to contain Ebola.

White House says it expects Ebola CZAR to be in job for 5 to 6 months.

US sends more troops to Ebola countries; already 3,400 are there.

WHO admits mistakes in attempts to stop Ebola outbreak in West Africa.

Obama names Ron Klain as Ebola CZAR to coordinate US response.

No confirmed cases so far in France, despite a French nurse who contracted the virus in Liberia and admitted in Paris hospital, said the ministry of health.

France, to step up Ebola response, names crisis coordinator.

UN appeals for more financial assistance to fight Ebola. One billion US dollars is needed but only, 100,000 US dollars has so far been received.

US Secretary of State Kerry on Friday appealed for more funds to fight Ebola.

WHO said in the next coming weeks Ebola would increase.

Ebola spreads to last safe district in Sierra Leone.

Ivory Coast renewed flights to Ebola countries yesterday Monday 20 October 2014. Its national carrier is called Air Ivoire.

A Greece-based club P.A.S. Lamia suspends Sierra Leonean midfielder John Kamara for three weeks over Ebola fears, following his return to Greece after playing for his country against Cameroon in last week’s African Nations Cup qualifier played in Cameroon.

Ebola screening has started since Saturday in all French airports.

WHO promises thorough self-appraisal of Ebola.

Canada to ship 800 VIALS of experimental Ebola vaccines to WHO in Geneva.

Obama said Ebola travel ban could make things worse.

The Ebola virus has produced 3,700 orphans, WHO said.

Cuba to send more health workers to Ebola areas; about 300 workers are already there.

Cuban authorities said they are ready to work with the US to combat the Ebola disease in the interest of humanity globally.

Sierra Leone revamps Ebola response.