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DW2 testifies in assault case

May 30, 2014, 11:58 AM | Article By: Malamin L.M. Conteh

One Musa Danso recently testified in a criminal assault case involving one Lamin Saho before Principal Magistrate Ibrahim Kijera of the Bundung Magistrates’ Court.

Danso told the court he is an artist, and knew the charge preferred against the accused, Lamin Saho.

He said it was a day when he, the witness, and the accused were sitting together, and Modou Lowe, the complainant, called the accused.

The accused told him he would come later, Danso explained, stating that the complainant came again and told the accused he did not call him.

Further testifying, DW2 said the complainant then told the accused that if he met him where he was, he would kill him.

 The accused told him, “You cannot kill me”, Danso testified, saying the accused then ran to their compound gate and the complainant followed him to the gate.

The complainant then gave a blow to the accused and the accused also took a charcoal pot and “smashed” it on him.

Under cross-examination by the prosecutor, the witness said he had known the accused for about three years, and he knew where both the accused and the complainant lived, but he did not live with them.

He said the complainant gave the accused a blow, denying that the accused did not stab the complainant with a knife, but instead hit him with a charcoal pot.

The case continues.