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Drive to safe lives

Jun 27, 2011, 1:39 PM

The frequency of accidents in the country is indeed a real cause for concern.

Vehicle drivers should always be careful in the way and manner they comport themselves while driving.

Most of the accidents happening in town are sometimes due to recklessness, and to over-speeding.

Some drivers will even hand over their vehicles to their fellow drivers at the car park, to have a rest.

It is high time for the police to control the drivers whilst they are in the traffic, and put the necessary rules and measures in place in order to avert unnecessary accidents.

Passengers also have a role to play.

They have to ensure that drivers do not overload and over-speed.

It is their right to complain, whenever the need arises.

The police should also make sure that drivers are properly tested before being issued proper documents to drive a vehicle.

This is because the danger is that if they get their licences easily, they would not mind to drive anyhow they like.

The Gambia Transport Association with the police should try to organize regular sensitization programmes, using both the electronic and print media , as this will go a long way in reducing accidents in the country.

Let us drive carefully to save lives.