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Dressing up this Valentine

Feb 11, 2010, 12:59 PM | Article By: Isatou Dumbuya

Many times we see women who wear terrible makeup and eyelashes that do not become them.

Some of these women for one reason or the other seem to fall in love with the wrong shade of makeup, eyelashes, and always the wrong color for their dresses.

The secret is if your eyes are small like mine; use the small perfect eyelashes that aren't bushy. That will suit you fine like your natural eyelashes.

Now we have some who always wear very colorful clothes after applying heavy makeup. Breaking news: when you wear heavy makeup wear less colorful clothes. The same applies to light makeup which goes well with colorful clothes. High heels like pumps, wedges and stilettos always agree with almost anything especially this valentine. This is because it accentuates your legs and flatters your figure.

"Cosmetic companies never really made make-up for women over 40 years before because they didn't think we needed different stuff," said Binta, "as we age, our faces become even more sensitive." Are you sick of wasting money on foundations, concealers and powders that just don't work with your skin? It's not always easy to find make-up that complements ethnic or exotic skin tones especially since the majority of the cosmetic industry produces makeup geared towards pink and orange undertones. Stop wasting time and money and find products that really work for you!

First things first: you have probably gone through this before; you match a shade to your skin in the store and once you get home to try it on, it looks either ashy, too pink, or simply the wrong shade. What gives? Follow these sure fine tips to make sure you don't get the wrong foundation.

Go to a department store or makeup store and have one of the saleswomen give you some help choosing a shade. They are often quite informed about the brand's variety of shades and can usually choose a color that matches your skin well. Or better still, bring along a friend, your friend(s) will be brutally honest and won't pressure you into buying anything.

Try swiping on the foundation that you choose from apple of the cheek to the jaw line. Right next to that stripe, also apply foundation one shade higher and one shade lower. Yes, it will look silly, but it's worth it to find the right color.

Make sure you have a small compact or mirror with you and head outside to see how the makeup looks in the natural light. This will give you a better idea of whether or not the color is correct and it will give you a quick idea of whether you have pink, blue, yellow or brown undertones.

The correct shade will be the one that seems to disappear into your skin. Also keep in mind that if you wear powder over the foundation you might need to retest a second time.

What you are looking for is to find a brand that suits your budget and skin.

Come to think of it, these dressing up tips might just be the perfect help for your Valentine night out.