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Don't forget the people in need

Aug 2, 2010, 1:51 PM

The heavy downpour that devastated some parts of the Central River Region on Thursday reportedly took away nearly everything from a people that had so little to begin with.

We understand that over 90 compounds in Niani district were severely damaged, and that many people were made homeless by the storm which lasted for about six hours.

A large number of animals were killed, and a lot of foodstuff and valuable materials destroyed, according to reports received.

An all-out effort should be mounted to help these poor victims. If ever there was an hour of need, this is surely it. The provision of assistance should begin almost immediately for them.

Thursday's heavy downpour was a catastrophe that we can't turn our backs on.

The victims need urgent help, and we can provide it if all join efforts and give generously to help them.

As a nation of believers, we all should teamed up to help the victims, following such terrible natural disasters.

No doubt, there are many charities and organizations in this country that do great things for people in need, and we hope see them rise to the occasion.

Indeed, people in need should not be forgotten, and the soonest we help the people of Niani district, the better!

What is evident to all who live in this country is that we are now in the season of natural disasters, so to speak.

Moreover, the meteorological services in the region, including our own in The Gambia, have already made it known that there will be heavy rains in our part of West Africa this year.

Which means we have been forewarned, and should, therefore, not be caught unawares.

Thus, we believe that the authorities, at both the level of central and local governments, should anticipate trouble from the weather this year.

Consequently, we hope that public agencies such as the newly-established National Disaster Management Agency (NDMA) and its regional structures are fully prepared for such disasters

What is expected from them is that, whenever and wherever disaster strikes, in this country this rainy season, they will quickly mobilize and come to the rescue of victims, with the speed and emergency response preparedness such crises always require.