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Donate blood, save lives

Oct 12, 2010, 1:27 PM

Even though people talk about the importance of blood donation, not everyone is bold enough to donate. However, this is something that everyone should volunteer doing. When you donate blood to those in need you are actually saving lives.

And this would be a fine example of making a great impact, without making a great effort. We can save lives by just spending a little part of our time at a blood donation drive.

Our health facilities need blood for people that go into surgery, for accident victims, and patients with leukaemia, cancer, heart and liver diseases, and haemophilia.

Unless they are someone close to us, most of us just would not care, but one should just imagine yourself being in their shoes.

Maybe today you're helping others you don't even know and tomorrow, who knows, you may need to do the same to help your loved ones. What if one day others will need to donate to help you?

Many people would give excuses for not going to donate, though in reality they're probably just scared without even giving it a try. Reasons given are mostly baseless, and more like myths.

The importance of blood donation in our society cannot be overemphazised. As you may be aware, blood is important in our daily life. Therefore, people should endeavour to always go to the National Blood Transfussion Service at the Royal Victorial Teaching Hospital (RVTH) in Banjul and donate blood to the needy.

The National Blood Transfusion Service is an essential component of national health care delivery. In the hospitals, every second someone will need blood for surgery, and some times people who have severe anaemia, or complications for pregnancy and serious accident injuries, need it badly.

The blood you give may save your own life, but most of the time, the blood bank of the hospitals in the country also faces a shortage of blood, and when they are badly in need, they always depend on their regular donors in order to save life.

Some people have this notion that if they donate blood it will reduce their health status, but people have to understand that there is no problem in donating blood, as it has no health complications.

We therefore encourage all healthy persons to consider donating blood for the sake of saving lives.

Our thanks go to all those individuals and institutions that are in the habit of donating blood or organising blood donation sessions.

People should always volunteer to give blood, hence the adage that the life you safe today maybe your own.

Please, if you are generally healthy and matured to do so, then give blood to save life.