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Doctors without Borders denounces appalling condition of Italian camps

Jan 5, 2016, 11:02 AM | Article By: Alagie Jinkang in Italy

Doctors without Borders (Mèdecines Sans Froniéres, MSF) has denounced the poor and undignified state of the emergency camp at the Italian border town of Pozzallo, the main entering point of African migrants into Italy.

The international humanitarian agency has disclosed their dissatisfaction towards the humanitarian services Italian authorities are offering to the immigrants at the emergency camp of Pozzallo in Sicily.

MSF has been working with the Italian government on the migration.On 30 December 2015, it reported that the rights of the migrants at the camp are not respected.

The agency has given its official report on the poor sanitary services, and the low dignity with which the migrants are treated.

Stefano di Carlo, head of MSF in Italy, said they have ceased all services they provide to the migrants in the region of Ragusa, one of the largest hosting places for migrants in Italy.

Mr Carlo said until the Italian authorities improve services at the camps to recognise the dignity of the migrants, MSF will not collaborate with them.

MSF works with more than 60 countries in the world offering priceless services for free to humanity including migrants.

Giovanni Colombo, a worker at the ports for migrants, said:“It is really sad and a shame on the Italian government to refuse to provide humanitarian services to the most vulnerable people.”

The news of MSF’s withdrawal from the camps due to poor services offered by the Italian authorities has been trending in Italian journals and the social media.

However, our correspondent in Italy said no concrete visible action has yet been taken by the Italian authorities as conditions at the camps are still appalling.