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Do not isolate the sick

Jul 21, 2011, 12:57 PM

People should always be properly taken care of whenever they fall sick, instead of being isolated by family members or society in general.

We have to understand that sickness has no boundary, and that anyone can be a victim.

We have seen women being divorced by their husbands or stigmatized by them because of their sickness.

Some would even go to the extent of isolating their families.

The women are very central to our lives.

As men and husbands, we should always be ready to give them maximum support.

They need this, but it is sad to see some men disowning their wives at the time when they needed them most.

Needless to say, there are men who are very caring to their wives, whenever they fall sick.

As human beings, it is good to be God-fearing, and caring for our fellow human being is a sign of this.

Some people now even do not mind to leave their own parents dying on the sick bed, whilst they are going on with their normal business transactions without even hesitating a bit.

Others have this notion that once a person has certain complications that is the end of the individuals life.

Let us invest our monies to assist the sick, since one day we also expect to be treated well.

We have a very strong belief in our tradition whereby if a man is sick, it is the duty of the wife to take care of the husband.

The fundamental question is whether men should not fulfill the same responsibility.

As Africans, let us give the women the respect they deserve in society, if we want to be role models to our children.