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Dixon Colley a hero

Feb 15, 2010, 1:53 PM

If all what's said of him is anything to go by, one can make a conclusion that the late Dixon Colley is indeed not only a journalist but a hero.

According to those who knew him, he was a dedicated man, truthful and committed journalist. Above all, he is described as a man with unshakable principles and convictions, no matter what.

All these qualities speak volume of him and what he really stood for.

Therefore, the forum held in honour of commemorating his death is a step in the right direction.

It was an opportunity for those who do not know much about the man to have an insight of who Dixon was.

We encourage the Gambia Press Union to continue paying tribute to him as one of the illustrious sons of land the country has ever produced, and all those veteran journalists who defended this nation in one way or the other.

We challenge the union to ensure that the legacy of great journalist like Dixon continued to remain alive. For instance, his library in Brikama and newspaper, the nation.

We encourage the young journalists, especially to emulate the late Dixon by being focused and always do as Dixon rightly did. 

A human being is worth more than to be forgotten, and as such we should all work hard to leave a legacy behind.

Each of us have a social contract with the society in which we live in and should endeavour to play our part not to be found wanting.

We should always remember that there is life after death and prepare to contribute our quota to nation-building.