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Discipline in our schools

Sep 18, 2012, 1:06 PM

Ahead of the beginning of another school year, we encourage all students to maintain discipline in their various schools.

Since many argue that discipline is the foundation for morals and academic development, then we urge that our students should be disciplined at all cost.

Of recent, we have seen the opposite in many schools where some students show indiscipline towards their teachers, school authorities and peers.

Such attitudes would not take our kids to any good level in life; thus the need for them to be respectful to their teachers and peers.

Smoking of cigarettes or, even worst, truancy and absenteeism, and the care-free attitude of some parents all contribute to this menace.

Parents must discipline their children before assuming that the schools would shoulder that responsibility for them.

Since students spend more time in homes with the parents, they must teach them to be respectful, tolerant and hard-working.

Our schools are the moulding and training grounds for the future generation, and we do not expect students to bring or develop bad attitudes in the schools.

If, for instance, any schools fail to meet their responsibilities, such as providing the right education, then parents must take their rightful position in assisting children to adopt the right attitude, and to instil in them good behaviour in order to ensure that we have a better future generation.

In the past, there were instances when some students fought their teachers or even threatening to kill them.

These are unacceptable, and we hope they are not happening anymore in our schools, since they cannot be tolerated.

Discipline is a way to success for any individual and for society!