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Direct flight between Gambia and Germany

Nov 3, 2011, 3:22 PM

Condor flight has resumed its direct flights from Germany to The Gambia.

The carrier on Wednesday brought some two hundred and twenty-eight tourists from Germany, first of its kind in the past four years.

With the coming of Condor flights once more, it would boost the nation’s tourism industry, and tourists in Germany wanting to visit the Smiling Coast of Africa would no more need to take their flights from a different country, but from within Germany.

Tourists in and around Germany wishing to visit The Gambia need not to worry any more, thanks to Condor.

We encourage holiday makers in Germany to consider coming to The Gambia since it is now easy to come to Banjul direct from Frankfurt.

We salute Condor for further expanding their routes to include exciting destination like The Gambia.

We also commend our national tourism officials for their efforts in exploring new and old markets.

With this new development, more tourists could visit the country easily.

Since too many transit stops could lead to loss of belongings, we believe that with this direct flights such things might not happen.

We see the return of Condor as a great boost for our tourist industry. it is also a good opportunity for Gambians living in Germany.