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A Show Of True Friendship

Sep 2, 2009, 7:25 AM

The last Friday's donation of seven hundred thousand US Dollars by the government to the Republic of China on Taiwan is indeed a clear manifestation of a genuine friendship that exists between the two countries.

The donation is part of the government's contributions towards mitigating the effects of the recent typhoon disaster that hit the Island nation.

Despite being a poor country, the Gambia has indeed shown to the whole world that our relationship with Taiwan is a two-way process, that's a friendship based on trust and mutual benefit.

Economically, Taiwan is far richer than the Gambia but offering a token of support, especially to those in need of it is indeed a worthy cause.

Taiwan has over the years donated millions of dollars to the Gambia. They support almost all sectors of our economy, particularly education, health and agriculture.

We might not be able to reciprocate the numerous generosity offered to us, but with this donation of seven hundred thousand dollars it will show our Taiwanese friends that, if we are as rich as they are we would do more than this.

The token will also show our Taiwanese friends that we really sympathise and feel those in pain.

As true friends, whenever one is in sadness it's always good to stand by each other, just like the way we share our joy.

Receiving the cheque from the Vice-President, the Taiwanese Ambassador Richard Shih, said "A friend in need is a friend indeed". This is absolutely right.

This move by the government will further strengthen our bilateral ties with Taiwan.

The recent disaster in Taiwan has not only rendered several people homeless, but also sniffed out many lives including women and children.

Despite the fact that we are countless miles apart, the two countries also share a lot in common.

It's imperative to note that during the very first month of Ambassador Shih's arrival in the Gambia, one of the cheques he presented to the government was assistance to disaster victims.

Since the recent typhoon hit the Island country, they have been receiving support from friendly nations across the world.

Our sympathy goes to the disaster victims, while wishing the relationship between the two countries to grow from strength to strength.