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Denzy Sosseh, star artiste in the making

Jan 7, 2011, 2:09 PM

Denzy Sosseh, a Gambian artiste based in Ivory Coast, is currently in the country to release his second album entitled Memorial of Laba Sosseh as well as to promote his music.

The album, dedicated to his father, contained ten tracks, and is only available in CD.

Speaking yesterday in an interview with Entertainment at The Point, Denzy Sosseh said he had released two albums with many singles.

The new album, according to Denzy, took him up to 5 years of toil to be able to produce it. "I am preparing to attend international events in the country," he said, adding that his intention is to share his experience with Gambian musicians.

"I have attended a lot of international music festivals around the world," he added.

Denzy says he is very impressed with the progress of the music industry in The Gambia.

He therefore thanked the Gambian leader, President Yahya Jammeh, for his "wonderful support" to the Gambian music industry and musicians in the country.

He also called on the Gambian people to support musicians as well as promote the Gambian culture. "I pray for President Jammeh for long life and good health," he said.

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