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Tribute to late Deyda Hydara by Aminata Sey

Dec 16, 2011, 1:00 PM

Heartless thugs going round ruining others’ lives; Breaking up families, killing the laughter and cheers.

If I could only revive my granddad, and make him live again, I would never regain the granddad I had. And this is all thanks to the reckless murderers who don’t have any one to love.

I remember the time when my vision was bright and clear; but now all I see is fear.

Now the scars of woe and sorrow are tattooed to my heart; staining my heart and destroying my veins and blood capillaries.

I am forced into silence as if I had just lost the most precious treasure. That is how I feel, my granddad was a rare and all in one package.

I remember the time when I heard music and fun; the shimmering sun and children running.

Nowadays all we hear is screaming and shouting

If only utopia is available again, which used to be what me and my granddad enjoyed together to help me avoid all this trauma so that there are no worries or problems.

Now problems approach after he has gone because of his killers, like roaches infesting the whole town.   

Furthermore don’t let anything stop your hopes and dreams even if it is impossible

Right now all I want is for everything to be back to normal:

I want my granddad back as I am still stuck in the past; it seems as if everything is moving on as if nothing has happened

But I haven’t, there’s still that enormous scary, frightening hole in my heart.

Which will always stay there to remind me of what has happened.

However it does not guarantee hope but it has a piece of my granddads heart to bring comfort. 

Aminatta Sey, Deyda Hydara’s granddaughter