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Defence opens in criminal trespass case

Apr 13, 2016, 10:34 AM | Article By: Yai Dibba

One Awa Gibba of Babylon village, accused of criminal trespass, recently opened her defense before Magistrate Isatou Janneh of the Brikama Magistrates’ Court.

In her evidence-in-chief, she told the court that her children told her that some people had buried the foundation she dug for her fence.

Upon receiving the information, she went there to find out who were the people.

At the place, she met one Kebba Jammeh and asked him who buried the foundation.

He told her that he was the one who buried the foundation, because he was the owner of the said land, she told the court.

She also told Kebba Jammeh that the said place was sold to her by the supposed Alkalo of Babylon, Lamin Jarju.

The complainant, Kebba Jammeh, then told her that he would bury the foundation she dug, and she would lose everything.

According to her, while she was at her home, the police came and she was arrested and taken to Old Yundum Police Station.

At the police station, she was detained and also asked to produce the said land document, which she did.

Later, she was given bail, she said.

Under cross-examination by the police prosecutor, CPL 3999 Secka, the witness told the court that she got the said land in 2012, and that the size of the plot of land was 25 X 25m.

The prosecutor put it to her that the size of the said land was 204 X 188m long and 200 X 329m breath, and she said she did not know that.

She further told the court that she had not been paying the taxes and the rates because she was not yet ready.

 It was further put to her that she would not pay rates, because Babylon is not an existing village in The Gambia, and she said she did not know that either. 

The prosecutor also put it to her that Lamin Jarju, who sold her the said land, was a self-proclaimed Akalo because he was convicted by the District Tribunal for making false documents.

Hearing continues.