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Defence opens in common assault case

Feb 5, 2016, 11:25 AM | Article By: Yai Dibba

Defence opened recently in the case involving one Mariama Sambou, accused of common assault, before Magistrate Manlaffi Jarju of the Brikama Magistrates’ Court.

In her defence testimony, Mariama Sambou told the court that the incident happened on 11 August 2014.

She was cooking on her veranda when one Nyaling came to inform her that she (the accused)’s daughter was quarreling with the complainant, Bintou, on the road.

She left for the scene and, on her arrival, asked her daughter what the problem was. She told her that the complainant’s son, one Mawdo, was running and hit the accused person’s younger daughter, Haddijatou.

While her elder daughter was talking to her, the complainant’s son, Mawdo, was provoking the accused person’s elder daughter, Habbi.

When her daughter finished narrating how the incident happened, she told her elder daughter, Habbi, that she did not ask her to insult anyone but if anyone insulted her, let her reciprocate.

She turned to go, and the complainant told her that she was not a good person; that she was very wicked too; and the complainant started insulting her. People advised her to stop, but she did not.

She called her husband and informed him about how the complainant was insulting her, adding that she went and reported the matter to the police at Yundum.

At the police station, she narrated what happened and also gave one Mariama Bah a telephone number for the police.

While she was in her compound, she heard the complainant’s voice and she called the police and informed them that the complainant was at home.

The police then called Mariama to take the telephone to the complainant for her to answer to the police, but she told Mariama that she was not going to talk to the police.

Later the complainant was arrested and taken to the station and, at the police station, the police advised her not to do it again.

They asked both of them to reconcile, which they did. However, before they left the station, the complainant started insulting her and the police told the complainant to stay at the police station and told her to go home.

According to her, on that particular night, while she was going to buy dinner, she met with the complainant and her sister together with her stepdaughter.

The complainant told her that she took her to the police and it became a foolish case, and she (the accused) told her daughter to let them go.

The complainant then asked her whether she was referring to her, and she replied that she was referring to her daughter. The complainant slapped her and also gripped her.

They started to fight and the complainant bit her and she also bit the complainant.

The complainant then went and reported the matter to the police, and she was arrested.

When she was granted bail, she went to the hospital where she was treated and issued with a medical certificate.

Hearing continues.