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Dear Colleagues

Jul 6, 2009, 6:26 AM

How we miss you especially now of all times.

And oh! How it saddens to write this piece.

Words are not adequate to describe how we feel about your situation.

We share your every woe.

We had felt bad enough when you were sent to Mile Two Prisons again last Friday, but that feeling is nothing compared to the overpowering sense of pensiveness that is filling us now.

We hope all is well with you.

Some day soon you will finally walk free.

Allah alone knows best what is right.

There is but one Allah.

And with God, nothing is impossible.

Let us be true to what history has made us.

You have always been great.

When we think of great men, we think of you.

When we think of great deeds, we think also of you.

We think of you both day and night.

Enough is Allah for a witness for whatever happens.

Nothing will happen except what Allah has ordained for us.

We'll keep praying for you.

Allah is with you.

We salute you for your brave hearts.

Fortunate are those who never experience the throes of separation from a loved one.

History will give the best answer.