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DA Figitivzs member breaks silence, says his next album is in the pipeline

Oct 1, 2010, 11:58 AM

Tijan Jabang, one of the rising Gambian artistes and one-time member of the Da Figitivzs Musical crew whose band has been silent for a while now, has told PointEntertainment that he will soon release his next album, dubbed 'More Encouragement'.

Jabang, commonly known as Tashman, said his fans will appreciate the new album.

Giving a rundown of his music career, Tashman, in an interview with PointEntertainment at his Pipeline residence, said: "I started my music career in the early 90s with House Vibes Crew before joining the DA Figitivzs.

"I will soon release my next album; I sing both reggae and hip hop and my music concerns the environment and the people, their culture and religoin."

Judgement the Greater, as he is also known, said his music represents the reflection of people and that he stands for the voiceless and the disabled.

According to him, music needs time and maturity, which most nowadays musicians do not take into consideration.

"Experience is the best teacher,” he says, calling for a helping hand to bolster his music career. "I need help to release my album. Music without the people has no sound meaning. The people are what we represent. The passion to give them good and soul-touching music makes one great musician."

Tashman also said The Gambia has lot of fresh talents in the music industry that need to be nurtured.

He appeals to both the government and the private sector to help Gambian artistes to enable them to realise their talents, saying music promotes the people and their culture.

"I give respect to Gambian artistes because being a musician is not easy and it requires talent and skill," he reasons, saying: "I thank my parents for the support and my fans for being there for me. The Gambia is a big family."

Tashman, who is putting finishing touches to getting his album released, says: "Music could change the world we live."