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D10M Health Centre for Njaba Kunda

Apr 10, 2012, 2:19 PM | Article By: Yusuf Ceesay

Project Aid The Gambia, with support from the German Government, last Tuesday, handed over the newly constructed Njaba Kunda Health Centre of over D10 million to the Gambia government.

Project Aid is a registered NGO, whose primary mandate is to supplement the government in providing excellent humanitarian services to the targeted rural communities as well to provide high quality early childhood education.

Speaking on the occasion, Hon. Fatim Badjie, Minister of Health and Social Welfare, commended the efforts of the German government and the NGO for brining healthcare service to the doorstep of the people of Njaba Kunda.

According to her, health is a top  priority of the Gambia Government thus thanked the Project and German government for complementing the country’s efforts in health service delivery.

She urged the people in the area to use the facility wisely for it to serve them well.

The health minister further implored on the people of the community to come out for early diagnosis, especially now that a health facility is much closer to them.

Matthias Ketteler, German Chairman of ProjectAid The Gambia, said Njaba Kunda was his first place of visit when he set foot on The Gambian soil 26 years ago.

According to him, it was in 2009 when Jahaly was announced by the Gambia government as the model of rural health centres in the country and the NGO was asked to help in developing rural health centres to the Jahaly standard.

He added that after talks with the Ministry of Health and inspection tours of all rural health centres, the idea was born to build a health centre in Njaba Kunda with a new concept of low maintenance buildings.

“We convinced the German government with our idea, and German taxpayers support the project with more than D10,000,000 to make this vision come true,” Ketteler said.

He commended the people of Njaba Kunda for their contribution during the process while urging the community to upkeep the facility. 

Ketteler, who was appointed by the president as a Goodwill Ambassador, said the health centre is a model with the idea of reciprocating the ideas to other facilities in The Gambia and the sub-region as a whole.

He finally commended the German government for their support in contributing 75% of the funds towards the construction of the health centre.

Minister Badjie finally led a delegation on a conducted tour of the facilities in the health centre.

Meanwhile, the model health centre was well designed and could be easily accessed by both staff and patients.

It is also powered by a solar system to provide 24hour electricty with fully equipped laboratories and proper drainage system.