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Cuban Medical Brigade in the Gambia performed more than 700 thousand consultations in 2019

Feb 6, 2020, 1:19 PM

Banjul, Feb. 4th  - The Health Cuban collaborators  in the Gambia performed more than 700,200 consultations during 2019 for the benefit of the grateful people of this African nation, as reported in the annual balance of the Cuban Medical Brigade (CMB) of the largest of the Antilles held today here.

The members of the Pacific White Coats Army of the Caribbean Island in the Gambia increased the number of patient assistance by almost 17 thousand, compared to 2018.

These data speak for themselves of the humanitarian and solidarity work that the Cuban collaborators carry out in this small country in West Africa, with the support of the Gambian Ministry of Health.

In the balance meeting, in which the Cuban ambassador, Rubén G. Abelenda, the head of the Cuban Medical Team, Dr. Anaris Martha Odio participated, stressed that the numbers of patients treated represent saved lives, quality of  life, and much satisfaction for those who cure and also for those who are cured.

Dr. Anaris cited the Commander in Chief, Fidel Castro, creator of the CMB in the Gambia over two decades ago, when she said in one of her interventions in 1997: “Yes, our Revolution is not a Millionaire Revolution, it is a Revolution of the poor and who dreams not only of the well-being of our poor, but of all the poor in the world, that is why we speak of internationalism, and we not only speak, but we practice it. ”

The head of the CMB  then highlighted the optimism and commitment that permeates that one, as so many wise reflections of Fidel, who today are carried to all corners of the world by the “Heroic Guerrillas” of Cuban health.

 Ambassador Abelenda congratulated all his compatriots, and said that the enemies of his country will never be able to join the White Coats Army of our solidarity Cuba because all its members are repairers of dreams and life expectancies.

Someday they will have to understand those who bet on death, concluded the diplomat.