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Cuban Ambassador visits Gambian newspaper headquarters The Standard

Jan 16, 2020, 1:39 PM

Banjul, Jan. 15 - The ambassador of Cuba in the Gambia visited the headquarters of The Standard newspaper today, where he was received by his general manager, Salla Jeng, his editor in chief, Lamin Cham, and the journalists’ staff of that print media. , one of the most important in this nation of West Africa.

The diplomat of the Greater Antilles, accompanied by the head of the Cuban Medical Brigade (BMC), Anaris Martha Odio, spoke with his hosts about the historical relations that exist between the two countries, in addition to various topics of international interest, in general , and about Africa, in particular.

The interlocutors agreed that the Gambia and Cuba are joined by solidarity, blood and cultural ties, and their respective peoples are lovers of peace and friendship.

They also highlighted the cooperation provided by the Caribbean nation to all Gambians in the field of health for more than two decades.

For his part, Abelenda thanked the general manager and the editor-in-chief of The Standard for the cordial and emotional meeting held at the headquarters of the aforementioned daily.