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Cross-examination of PW15 by Hawa Sisay-Sabally

May 5, 2010, 12:31 PM | Article By: Sainey MK Marenah & Modou Sanyang

Q-         It's correct that the 8th accused person was arrested detained, and subsequently released on bail?

A-         Yes.

Q-         He was released in December 2009?

A-         I recall he was released.

Q-         How many people went to Guinea Bissau?

A-         That is a state secret.

Q-         How did your team travel?

A-         We travelled by land.

Q-         You said you did not visit the site of the alleged training camp?

A-         Yes.

Q-         I'm putting it to you that you did not visit the site because it does not exist?

A-         That is your own observation.

Q-         If it exists, you would have taken photos?

A-         That is your own observation.

Q-         You said you visited the boat, and have taken pictures?

A-         Yes.

Q-         Did you hear from the owner?

A-         Yes.

Q-         After hearing from him, what did you do?

A-         A statement was obtained from him, because we left a statement form in Bissau.

Q-         The 8th accused - was he ever interrogated?

A-         Yes.

Q-         In your presence?

A-         Yes, in my presence.

Q-         During the interrogation did the investigating panel tell the 8th accused why he was being interrogated?

A-         Yes.

Q-         What was his response?

A-         He denied the allegation.

Q-         At the end of the investigation was a report prepared?

A-         Yes.

Q-         Who was it submitted to?

A-         It was submitted to the Director General of NIA through the Director of Operations.

Q-         It is correct that the 8th accused person's passport was with you?

A-         It was handed over to the Operation Unit who in turn handed it over to me for safe-keeping.

Q-         Gumulo is in Guinea Bissau or Senegal?

A-         According to PW2 it is a village in Bissau.

Q-         Did the panel try to confirm whether Gumulo is a village in Bissau?

A-         Yes, we confirmed from the people in Bissau.

Q-         I'm putting to you that Gumulo is in Senegal, and not in Bissau?

A-         It's in Guinea-Bissau.

Q-         There was no attempted coup involving the 8th accused person?

A-         That's your observation.

Q-         Do you know whether the investigation team visited the houses of the 1st and the 3rd accused to see that interesting light PW2 alleged?

A-         I was not aware of the visit of the investigating team to the houses of the 1st and 3rd accused persons. 

Q-         Apart from obtaining the statement, the confrontation and identification parades, what else did the investigating team do?

A-         I cannot recall all what we have done, because I am human.