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Contaminated water

Aug 30, 2012, 10:06 AM

Recently it has been reported in one of the local newspapers that some people living behind the Fajara War Cemetery in Fajara, for the past six months have been receiving contaminated water which is not fit for drinking or cooking.

The National Water and Electricity Company, NAWEC, is the main supplyer of water in The Gambia especially in the towns, and its public relations officer has denied the newspaper report.

However, the NAWEC official admitted that they received the information about the contaminated water just this week, on Monday morning.

In any case, it has been further alleged that the reservoir in the area is dirty, and needed to be cleaned.

We therefore urge the national utilities provider to look into the matter with the urgency it deserves.

People cannot continue buying drinking water for their families on a daily basis, when there is a pipe-borne water supply system available for them to have clean and safe drinking water in their homes.

Whether the reported contamination water was due to a burst pipe in the area or reservoir dirtiness, as alleged by some residents in the area, the matter should now be addressed.

The reason we are adding our voice to this appeal, is because the safety and health of our people should never be compromised at any time.

We, therefore, urge people to be reporting such problems to NAWEC for quick action and, of course, for the media to bring such to public attention.