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Congrats to new sports journalists prexy

Oct 4, 2010, 1:51 PM

We congratulate Sainabou Kujabi, the Sports Editor of The Point newspaper, who was recently elected by her peers to head the Gambia Sport Journalists Association (SJAG) as President, which makes her the first female Gambian sports editor and the first woman to serve as president of the association.

We knew her competence, dedication, commitment and love for the profession will take her far, and earn her accolades, sooner or later.

There is no doubt that, with the support of members of the association, she will continue to excel as expected. Members of the SJAG should now come together, stand together, and strive to attain the common goal of promoting all sporting disciplines in the country.

Meanwhile, members of the new SJAG executive under the leadership of Ms Kujabi should come up with an action plan, which should include organizing more training courses for Gambian sports journalists.

Sports journalists should have fruitful collaboration among themselves. It is good to organize, from time to time, courses to learn the rules and regulations governing all sports disciplines in the country.

We remind members of the sports journalists association that they should be meeting every month to, among others, discuss the affairs of the association and contribute financially to the funds of the association.

In any case, all sports journalists in the country should join the association to defend the interest of the SJAG, and give the veterans among them the role of serving as advisers and trainers.

Also, the 25 national sports federations should work amicably with the sports journalists association.

We agree that some of the federations are dormant, and they do not have any annual activities or competitions. Thus, all sports journalists are duty bound to make sure that those sports federations become more proactive in their roles and responsibility.

By way of advise to Gambian sports journalists, we must ensure that nobody is allowed to destroy the association because of his or her selfish interest. We are duty bound to be united and foster relations with all sports authorities.

Sports journalists should not have different camps or be involved in partisan politics. Those who vied for the top positions in the new executive, and lost, should not be disgruntled, but should now come on board, and support the new team at the helm in the interest of the SJAG.

Also, the sports authorities should open their doors for easy access to information pertaining to sports related issues.

The journalists should do their work without fear or favour, and they should be always on the move to get stories, which should be objective and balanced in the interest of their readers and audience.

We call on the Ministry of Youth and Sports, the Gambia National Olympic Committee (GNOC), National Sports Council, and companies to continue to support the sports journalists association in their drive to achieve excellence in sports.

Ms Kujabi has a big challenge, but with support of the association, she can made difference.

We, therefore, call on Sainabou Kujabi to work hard to live up to expectations.

She enjoys our goodwill, and will continue to receive our full support and prayers in discharging her new responsibilities at the national stage.