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Congrats New Info Minister!

Jan 7, 2015, 10:55 AM

We congratulate Sheriff Bojang for his appointment as Minister of Information and Communication Infrastructure, as well as Neneh MacDouall-Gaye as Minister of Foreign Affairs.

We are happy and welcome the move by President Yahya Jammeh for appointing a seasoned journalist and publisher of one of the leading newspapers in the country.

Appointment in that capacity someone like Sheriff is long overdue because in this global world, information is precious and should not be left behind as it is of high importance.

As a seasoned journalist who knows the importance and pros and corns of information, Sheriff would be able give a thorough balance between the lines.

Hence his appointment would provide easy access to information, which has been of concern to journalists in this country, as accessing relevant information has been a constraint to media practitioners in our environment over the years.

We would also like the Government to consider abolishing all draconian media laws, as well as appoint a director of press at State House, who could be of assistance to the media by providing or helping out with releases and statements from State House.

It is also advisable that all the ministries appoint PROs to facilitate information flow between them and the general public.

Minister Bojang should engage his colleague ministers and the President from time to time to conduct press conferences.

This will dispel rumours, as well as boost the image of the country.

The new Info minister should also visit all media houses to know their constraints.

Bojang should make sure there is always peace and harmony between journalists and the authorities.

For her part, Neneh MacDouall-Gaye is a journalist by profession and a seasoned diplomat. We also welcome her appointment since she is promoting the image of the country.

It will be ideal to have open dialogue with the international community, especially the EU, the US and other neighbours for a better and more cordial relationship.

Our Government should fill vacancies in some of our embassies such as those in Nigeria, the US, and Venezuela to name a few.

We should also negotiate establishing embassies with countries with which we have common interests and similar policies.

“Information canmake or break.”

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