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Congrats Lamin United FC

Feb 17, 2009, 5:43 AM

Dear Editor,

Kindly allow me space in your widely read newspaper to congratulate Lamin United FC for their efforts to reach the second division of the GFA, a well contested football championship. This is a laudable achievement in football history for the youths and people of Lamin. Thanks to all those who supported the team reach this level. I have no doubt the team will remain in the second division further to first division if given moral and financial support by Lamin Youth and Sports Association (LYSA). However, I would like to point out few steps that could help sustain the club, improve its management and financial structure.

Step one; the club needs a neutral management committee that would work with LYSA to design a sustainable structure to manage the team. The committee shall have its own working guide to raise the awareness of the club, raise funds in different ways such as fund raising shows, meet philanthropies, annual subscription from citizens and well wishers of the club. Perhaps the LYSA can make special percentage deduction during their annual football tournaments.

Step two; the club should be exposing the players by organising friendly matches. The players need special attention indeed new players should be recruited to fill the gap of unlikely dormant players. The committee should be ready to sacrifice, work hard, and be accountable to the people of Lamin.

I wish to register my desire to give maximum support to the club as my contribution.

Max Jallow