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Ace Communications Executive introduces regional training programme for youth

Aug 12, 2015, 12:03 PM

Ace Communications Executive is planning to commence a regional programme that will provide opportunity for youths in the ECOWAS countries of Ghana, Nigeria and The Gambia to undergo exchange training programmes in each of the three countries.

It plans to do this through an initiative called The Youth Traineeship Exchange Program (YTEP).

YTEP seeks to build the capacity of youths for self-sufficiency and socio-economic development.

The skills training is designed for young people in the rural areas between the ages of 21 – 35 yrs from the three ECOWAS countries of The Gambia, Ghana and Nigeria. The purpose is to give youths the opportunity to become self-sufficient by learning practical skills and gain work experience in a country different from their country of origin.

The Youth Traineeship Exchange Program will not only provide a platform for unemployed, low educated and unskilled youths to attain viable skills and work experience, but will also contribute immensely to the emancipation of these youths from the shackles of perpetual unemployment and poverty.

The program organised by Ace Communications Executive is designed to yield direct benefits to youths after their traineeship by way of arming them with livelihood skills, knowledge on entrepreneurship and motivation to apply their skills in order to become economically resilient and contribute to rural development.

This project will present youths in the rural areas an opportunity to be trained for six months with the aim of averting the high rate of illegal migration of youths especially those from the rural areas.

The six month intensive exchange training programme includes:

Carpentry – in Ghana

Agriculture (poultry, horticulture and livestock) – in Nigeria

Tailoring – in The Gambia

A full scholarship program is available for 75 participants (25 participants from each of the aforementioned countries); tuition for training, international flight, general welfare and tools upon the completion of the program.

In this program, 25 participants from Nigeria will be divided into two groups with half travelling to The Gambia to be trained on tailoring and the other half to Ghana to be trained on carpentry. Half of the 25 participants from Ghana will likewise travel to Nigeria to be trained in agriculture while the other half will be in The Gambia to learn tailoring. The same process will apply to the Gambian trainees.

The Youth Traineeship Exchange Program has a lot of benefits which include the following.

-Gain practical, relevant training and experience;

-Learn to integrate and work within a diverse workforce and location;

-On the job support on training and trade;

-To be empowered and inspired;

-Become part of a solution to avert illegal migration and give the youth an opportunity to unleash their potentials.

Those interested to take part in this program can contact the information and communication officer of Ace Communications Exchange on the following numbers: 4399685 / 7639987 / 3819972. The deadline for application is 14 August 2015.