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Concern Universal Launches A Book

Dec 3, 2009, 12:22 PM

Concern Universal, on Tuesday 1st December 2009 launched a book entitled 'Climate Frontline' at a colourful ceremony, held at the Coconut Residence in Kerr Serign, Kombo North in the Western Region.

In her welcoming remarks, the climate change activities Co-ordinator at Concern Universal, Mackenzie Dove, said the impact of climate change are being recognised globally and felt in the big cities and small towns, as well as sprawling deserts and lush forests throughout the world.

She further revealed that climate change is already impacting on the lives of millions of Africans and is bound to have even greater economic, social and political impacts, if action is not taken. She noted that The Gambia has already been highlighted as one of the countries to be most affected by climate change in the near future.

For his part, Banky Njie, the Partners' Finance Manager Concern Universal said in the 'Climate Frontline Africa', Concern Universal has jointly produced a collection of first-hand testimonies across Africa, describing how climate change is affecting their lives and the positive steps being taken to adapt to it.

Mr. Njie also revealed that climate change is already a reality in these vulnerable rural communities and they are doing their best to adapt to the changes by building on local knowledge and diversifying their livelihood.

Other speakers included Amadou Bah of Travel Foundation, Pa Ousman Jarju of Director, Department of Water Resources and United Nations' Focal Point for climate change and Richard Harvey, chair and former CEO of AVIVA volunteer advocate at Concern Universal.      

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