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Commission on the Status of Women hold its 52nd Edition

Mar 28, 2008, 6:30 AM | Article By: By Sarata Jabbi Dibba

Activities marking the end of international Women's Day, which was basically slated to promote and protect the welfare of women, and was indeed a day of justice and honour for the entire women of the globe, are concluding. Prior to this almost every part of the world celebrated it with a different theme every year but the same ambition toward the right of women. This year celebration in The Gambia, Gamcotrap named the theme as the struggle for Gender Equality continues while other organizations in different parts of the world named the theme differently like that of CSW (Commission on the Status of Women). CSW held its 52ndedition in the US and The Gambia was represented by Mrs. Amie Sillah a gender activist. She just returned recently and The Point was privilege to have an interview with her pertaining to her trip and other issues. Read Below;

She She She: What was the purpose of your trip?

Amie: I went to attend the 52ndedition of commission on the status of women. CSW provides a distinguished place in the UN agenda that is entirely devoted to examining the state of progress for women. Women still comprise the majority of the world's absolute poor and without access to education. Additonally the disparities in pay for equal work on paid work, continued high maternal mortality, prominent HIV infection rates, and the pandemic of violence against women are clear indicators that our commitments to this gender specific issues must be redouble. The special needs of all women, young girls to older women, must be recognised in the context of a clear court of human rights.

She She She: what was their theme for this year?

Amie: this year's theme is financing for gender equality and the empowerment of women.

She She She: why do the member states decide to adopt this theme?

Amie: because it highlights the necessity for ensuring women are part of the financial progress at all levels. More political will is necessary. It is financial resources that make the community reality.

She She She: what were the responses of the member states?

Amie: Many member states have pledged their support but we now need action. The women of the world are saying we need women at the table. We need women to head the process, to lend their voices, their experiences and their unique perspectives. The women must have the tools and the training and the will necessary to achieve financial equality 'politics will and must translate into financial commitment," this was the statement of the delegates and the Expert Group Report at CSW 52ndedition.

She She She: what was your opinion of the theme?

Amie: The theme is a very good thing, because it's timely. As activists with all the problems listed above we need concrete financial commitments to solve specific problems of women from our member states. We also need the United Nations to put its money where its heart is. We also want the United Nations to empower the women's rights organisations in the member states so that they will be able to network to coordinate and to give solidarity to each other.

She She She: In your last answer you emphasised the role of the United Nations in empowering women, it seems you are really supportive of them?

Amie: Yes because it's a good thing. As an activist I support all of them both the women and the UN and I render my services to all of them and that's what I believe in.

She She She: What other important issues were covered at the event?

Amie: Amnesty International had launched a campaign which makes the school a safe place for the girl child and they are asking government to really show their commitment by concrete actions that the school is safe for the girls. The campaign was asking the women organizations to involve men and boys in their activities. Most of the time men and boys are the non-state actors that perpetrate and perpetuate violence against women. When men and boys are empowered they can become good crusaders against violence and other men and boys will listen to them.

She She She: who sponsored your trip?

Amie: My trip was sponsored by the African Centre for Democracy and Human Rights Studies and I am very much grateful to them. I also congratulate you on your column and for the job you doing in promoting women.

She She She: thank you.

Amie: The pleasure is mine