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Climate Change

Nov 11, 2009, 12:35 PM

Climate change and global poverty have in recent years attracted lots of interests as one of the topmost challenges of our times. Both are serious challenges to the future health and prosperity of our planet.

They must be combated simultaneously as one cannot be tackled without addressing the other. An effective attack on poverty and the ill-effects of climate change requires taking comprehensive action encompassing both issues.

We cannot fight climate change without putting into consideration its development effects covering poverty, food security, economic, health, human rights, governance and equality.
The scientific consensus is that human activity is primarily responsible for the rising level of greenhouse gases in our atmosphere.

The impact of greenhouse gases on the climate, we are told is potentially catastrophic, while the economic impact of climate change is also uncertain.

However, the established views as set out in latest reports, is that the costs of not addressing climate change and dealing with the physical impacts are far greater than the costs of taking action to cut emissions today

This is why it is important for all countries, including The Gambia and other organisations to take action now to achieve significant emission reductions across the globe.
While the effects of climate change also create a significant business opportunity, with supply chains likely to be disrupted, regulation threatening established markets and consumer demand shifting to green alternatives, organisations with a clear low carbon strategy can profit from the changing market.
In this light, we would like to commend the Young Journalists Association of The Gambia for organising a one-day forum on climate change. This is indeed timely considering the threat it poses to countries, especially those on the continent.

Climate change is a global problem affecting all humanity, and thus needs urgent action to address its disastrous effects.

All governments in the African continent and the world at large should work harmoniously to once and for all tackle the menace as no country can do it alone.

"Whatever you do, do it warily, and take account of the end."