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Clandestine migration: A menace to social development

Aug 6, 2013, 10:32 AM

Over the years, many young, energetic and talented youths have chosen to risk their lives through irregular migration to unknown destinations in search for greener pasture.

There are so many contributing factors to this practice, which range from peer influence, family influence, to frustration and ignorance.

Other youths are carried away or deceived by their friends who through very narrow escape finally made their way to Europe and start posting their photos on facebook and other social websites for mere fantasy but the fact is that they would never explain their ordeals to their friends back home; instead they lure them to also embark on such clandestine journeys.

There are so many social and health implications of clandestine or irregular migration.

Many youths have lost their lives in the Canary Island, hundreds of lives of youth perish in the Sahara Desert and others die upon arrival due to exposure to harsh weather conditions while travelling.

The few who may arrive safely are at most deported back to their countries of origin. To prevent deportation to their countries of origin, they would have to destroy their passports and other documents and dispose them to hide their true identity; so they become stateless persons who would have to be kept in identification camps awaiting deportation or further processing of their status.

Others are sometimes imprisoned and caused to serve long jail term leaving their parents, children, wives and friends back home in continuous agony and worry.

The huge chunk of money some Gambian youths spend during their journeys would have been wisely spent in the country to generate profits for themselves, whilst they are safely leading good lives at home free from the predicaments they go through in trying to reach or live in the West illegally.

Take for instance the uprising that took place in Libya, many youths took the situation for granted thinking it was their golden opportunity to get to Europe under the ticket of a refugee who is running to save his life.

Most of these youths were among those trapped in the vicious circle of Irregular Migration and that prompted our dynamic leader Sheikh Prof. Alhaji Dr Yahya A.J.J Jammeh, out of his generosity and concern for humanity, to charter flights that airlifted many Gambian youths and non-Gambians from Libya to The Gambia.

Guess what would have happened to these youths had it not been for the timely intervention of the President.

Despite Government’s commitment to and intervention in creating employment opportunities and setting up of service schemes through which youths can engage themselves, become very productive citizens and contribute meaningfully to national development, some youths are still venturing into such dangerous routes seeking greener pasture.

A clear manifestation of such a practice is the recent batch of 47 Gambians, most of whom between the ages of 24 and 29 years, that were returned from Libya because of the instability in that country.

It is high time the youth opened their eyes to the realities of this world and the dangers associated with Irregular Migration.

Life is too short to be wasted and too long to worry. It is time to tighten up our belts and nickers and give no excuse in ensuring that we achieve the best out of the rest by making the best use of the available resources and opportunities.

Let us make hay while the sun shines and together we shall enjoy the rest of the blowing atmosphere in the four corners of our beloved country. 

The so-called back way

Hello Mr Back Way

You have made the youths go astray

You have made lots of destruction

Without much construction

We shall continue to weep

Without a second of sleep

You are so harsh

But we shall turn you into trash

The youths are hopeful

But you are not wonderful

You are a big killer

With ideas of seller

You motivate them to sink

And they will never blink

You are perfectly painful

With lots of unbeautiful things

Please leave their minds to rest

And make them to be the best

Their lives are precious

And not venomous

Keep them to stay here

Aid them to be rear

They are the future excellence

With no turbulence

By Cadet Inspector Saidou A.M Bah

Public Relation Officer (GID)